Selenium Training

What Is Selenium?

Selenium is automation tool to execute your test case suite. On the contrary, Manual Testing is performed by a human sitting in front of a computer carefully executing the test steps. Automated software testing is important due because it reduces time, money, error and Increase test coverage. Selenium Tool is widely used by industry as selenium of open source. Selenium Tool scripts can be written using programming Language Java. These days even python is acceptable.

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Why should you take Selenium?

  • Automation Testing ensures defect free product/app because it can test app features which humans can’t efficiently and exhaustively test.
  • Companies spend huge amounts of money to ensure that their product is defect free before launch.

  • This expenditure by companies directly or indirectly leads to a lot of Job creation.
  • Market of Automation testing never goes down and it will never go down because as long as there are new apps being built or amendments will happen in existing apps; need for an automation tester will always remain.

  • Industry needs to have skilled automation testers is growing at a very rapid speed.
  • So it is a good career option to pursue and we here at Vision IT are the best in the industry to give you full fledge exposure and skill set necessary for you to crack the interview as well as survive in the new job role.

Date Batch Timing
1st July SAT & SUN (12 WEEKS) Weekend Batch 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM
20th July SAT & SUN (12 WEEKS) Weekend Batch 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
20th Aug SAT & SUN (12 WEEKS) Weekend Batch 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
20th Sep SAT & SUN (12 WEEKS) Weekend Batch 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM

During entire course curriculum we will go through multiple discussions and mocks to become Interview ready after completion of course.


  • Eclipse IDE/Intelii J IDE
  • Run and Debug programs
  • Data types, Classes, Objects
  • OOPs Concepts-Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstraction
  • Loops, Decisions, Functions, Methods, Constructors
  • Java Collections, HashMap, ArrayList etc

  • Excel File handling, File System handling, DB connections
  • Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Java 8 features, Stream Library
  • Java Design Patterns, Factory, Builder, Decorator, Iterator
  • Design Principles, like SOLID, KISS etc

  • Maven Project management, Plugins, Phases, Goals, Test Executions
  • Maven Surefire and Fail Safe plugin, Multiple Execution, Parallel Execution, Maven profiles

UI Automation Selenium


Testing Methodology and project Management Tools

API Automation

  • Selenium Basics-HTML basics-Element Finding and perform Operations
  • Alert Handling, Mouse & keyboard activities, Frame handling, Drop Down selections
  • Locator strategy-Xpaths, Xpath axes, Complex locators, Dynamic Xpaths
  • Multiple Browser Invocation techniques
  • Page Object Model/Page Factory
  • Java Script Executor, Screenshot Capturing

  • Introduction of Frameworks: Junit, TestNG and Cucumber
  • Cucumber Basics-Features, Gherkin, Background, Annotations, Step definitions
  • Cucumber hooks, Before and After, Scenario Interface
  • Log 4j and Extent report
  • Page Object Model Varied Implementation
  • Selenium Automation Framework creation from Scratch Using Lightning Components in Lightning Experience
  • ISVs, Packaging, and AppExchange

  • Agile Process, Agile Pyramid, Agile Basics
  • Agile-Scrum, Kanban Basics
  • Project Management Tool: Jira
  • Test and Defect Management Tool: QA Touch

  • API Automation Basics-Get, Put, Pull, Delete, Patch, Headers
  • Rest Assured based test script creation, Json, XML validation, Schema Validations

About Course

Selenium Certification Training Course is curated by Industry Experts and it covers Acore Java, Webdrivers, Framework, Integration Tool, API Testing. After this Course you will be able to automate all sort of Test case. After completion of this course you will be industry ready Automation Tester and can crack the Interview as experience professionals. End of this you will get exposure of Industry like project.

Training Features

  • Instructor Led Session
  • Industry Expert Instructor
  • Assignments
  • Real Life case Studies
  • Life time Access
  • Expert Support Team
  • Certification

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

Any one who wants to learn Selenium from basics can do this course. No as such any prior knowledge required however basic knowledge of Programming language Java will be a added advantage.

It is the best institute. The team is very helpful. Just focus on practicals and vision IT team will help in case of any technical challenges. Thank you Vision It.

Akash     Source: Justdial

Its good institute .. learning staff is so interactive ..will cover all things like presentation, interview practice to build the confidence to interview perspective.

Ravik      Source: Justdial

One of the good institute..It will definitely help to shape your carrier.good guidance. Better opportunity. Better career.

Hetal      Source: Justdial

It is a very good institute in all aspects and provides good training on different different courses, i am very satisfied. Infrastructure wise it is also good and trainers are very good.

Ajju    Source: Justdial

May I know the admission procedure

Call our Admission Counsellor 07558380376

Duration of the Course

Classes on Saturday and Sunday 3 Hrs of each class. Total Duration is 112 weeks.

What about Placement Opportunity

We have almost 100% Placement History. Placement opportunity will be given till you are placed.

What is the course fee?

Course Fee is 25000 INR.

Who will be the Instructor?

All Instructor are from Industry having at least 8-15 years of experience in relevant Technology. So all the concept delivered by Instructor will be explained relating to real time experience.

What about Practicals?

Whole Training will focused on Industry type assignments. Every concept will have theory followed by preacticals.