El Breve variación: En 1954, el Dr. George King se le dio un correo electrónico desde el desconocido pidiéndole crear comodidad para todos y ampliar mans comprensión de la mercado. Él fundó una organización sin fines de lucro} conocida como Aetherius comunidad compartir en general las enseñanzas de una inteligencia de otro mundo {y ayudar|que asisten|que ayudan a los personas de mente abierta intento un viaje de despertar religioso. Durante décadas, la Sociedad características reunido positivo energía de una gran selección de seguidores y amigos cuál cuidado profundamente cuando se trata de tomar la mundo muy cálido destino. Cuando esto humanitario misión habla a su valores, puede aprender cómo ofrecer la razón involucrándose en enredado en un área parte en los estados unidos, el Reino Unido, Canadá, Australia, Japón, Suecia, junto con otros países global. Desde regular oración clases hasta anual peregrinaciones, The Aetherius comunidad aprovecha un experiencia y religioso energía esto ciertamente más allá de percepción.


Love es en realidad un místico fuerza en el universo. Ama enlaces hombres y mujeres, inspira pasos, y proporciona significado a millones de vidas. Si bien puede que no por lo general comprenderlo, el amor es necesario en cuanto a significa ser personal y exactamente lo que método para terminar siendo vivo. Richard Lawrence, el Secretario Ejecutivo de Aetherius cultura para Europa, contrastado me encanta líquido en solo uno de sus sermones: “de la misma manera existencia como quizás la conozcas en la Tierra no puedo ocurrir sin h2o, nada en el mercado podría existir sin amor. “

La Sociedad de Aetherius es histórica espiritual negocio centrada en torno a espiritual comprensión y actos humanitarias. Personas en la Sociedad creen en mayor contactar para proporcionar humanidad recolectando y enviando positivo electricidad. En 1955, un visionario pilates maestro llamado Dr. George King creó el mundial religioso comunidad después de que él obtuvo comunicaciones telepáticas de un mayor. Él pensaba era en realidad su obligación compartir el existencia optimista mensaje de compasión, comodidad, y realmente amo.

En estos días, The Aetherius comunidad proporciona una presencia en Londres, la, y muchos metrópolis en todo el mundo. Sus miembros con frecuencia se juntan para distribuir disfrutar y curar poder en su comunidades y para el globo. Si crees interesado en esta misión sagrado, usted ir a una conferencia, asistir una peregrinación, o participar en adicional recuperación tradiciones {del|para el|de este|asociado con el|de|asociado con|con respecto al|del|en el|con el|en la organización. Cada persona, sin importar su único antecedentes o creencias, es en realidad presentando participar en The Aetherius comunidad, mejorar su religioso comprensión , y descubrir un mayor función en la vida.

“Desde el empezar, todos nuestros principales principios ha sido servicio para el mundo “, mencionó el reverendo Oscar E. León con el Aetherius cultura. “Estamos aquí intentar enviar la cantidad máxima de grande religioso combustible para todos una vez “.

Dr. George King lanzado el Movimiento en 1955

En Podría 1954, un mensaje involucrado Dr. George King, quien había sido un maestro de pilates y un trance hipnótico método, como él estaba en their flat in London. A gentle, yet company, sound outside their human anatomy considered him: “ready yourself! You’re being the sound in the Interplanetary Parliament.”

Now, George had never ever been aware of an interplanetary parliament, nevertheless ethereal terms remaining him stunned. He knew he hadn’t imagined them, but he couldn’t fathom the things they required. He spent with the rest of his life endeavoring to comprehend the plan established by that prophetic first get in touch with. Although he cannot describe why, he stated the guy realized without a doubt that he have been contacted by an alien and powerful power to assist bring humankind right back from verge of break down.

By expanding his spiritual comprehension and forging telepathic stations, George heard other emails from extraterrestrial communicators, including a Venusian Master called the Aetherius, basically a Greek word meaning tourist through ether.

George officially began The Aetherius culture in 1955. Their purpose would be to distribute the lessons associated with alien gods and lead other people down a path of enlightenment and serenity. The company has actually since evolved into a global action encompassing a huge selection of souls dedicated to residing and adoring on a greater religious amount.

Look for the incredible tale of Dr. George King’s existence work right here. As George themselves stated, “i really do maybe not ask the unbeliever to think at a time, but just request he is sugar mommy applicable whatever Aetherius says to his personal reason.”

Get a hold of treatment & factor on Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains

What links members of The Aetherius culture together is a stronger, heartfelt desire to help others to make the whole world a significantly better spot. Folks from all areas of life, from Quakers to atheists, navigate with the Aetherius culture. “All of our users come from variable backgrounds with numerous degrees of religious growth,” Oscar stated, “even so they all express the internal understanding or urge as of spiritual service to the world.”

The organization makes it easy for beginners to obtain involved by inviting them to go to divine solutions or prayer traditions. All week-long, users can immerse by themselves inside sermons, lectures, workshops, and spiritual undertakings of culture. It is possible to research events on the internet and know once regional part convenes. The informative and friendly environment motivates people to take part in the visualizations, mantras, and prayers concentrated on fostering world tranquility.

“It’s all really positive,” Oscar informed us. “we plenty of dynamic prayers and practices always purify the heart and recover the world.”

Among Aetherius community’s the majority of time-honored customs is its pilgrimages to holy hills that have large amounts of religious electricity. The company recognizes 19 hills faced with astounding religious value. Since 1959, countless people have actually traveled into hills to charge and progress their spirits.

During times during the crisis, the culture attracts from all of these holy sites to discharge positive electricity to the world to offset natural disasters, wartime conflict, governmental upheavals, also human being disasters.

“anyone of every degree of growth can visit the hills and take part in a selfless work of solution to get hold of the spiritual efforts included in it,” Oscar informed united states. “the ability differs from individual to individual, but it’s constantly extremely positive and beneficial. People of all faiths, or no certain religion, are thanks for visiting join these pilgrimages.”

Open-Minded Individuals provide Their particular Understanding & Support

From Ca to Australian Continent, a huge selection of thoughtful folks have become followers associated with the Aetherius community and discovered common ground with spiritual people that express comparable philosophy. Sometimes the business features also fostered committed romantic interactions.

Oscar told all of us he came across their girlfriend at an Aetherius culture event. She was a buddy of just one with the members and attended a procedure energy Prayer occasion because she had been interested in learning the community. Her real interest and great attitude caught Oscar’s attention. The guy told united states the guy values the woman ability to comprehend their thinking and discuss his targets.

Today they are cheerfully hitched and devoted to similar cause for promoting comfort throughout the world. “She acknowledges the significance of offering humanity,” the guy said. “our very own commitment happens to be invaluable to my own personal religious development. This has been a blessing in plenty ways.”

Through The Aetherius community, many kind-hearted people have found area and companionship. The business reduces obstacles between men and women and stimulates connecting on an increased religious jet.

“it is very crucial currently within our record to create men and women with each other and attain beyond boundaries,” Oscar mentioned. “At the forefront of The Aetherius culture’s lessons usually our company is one human race, and in addition we need certainly to work much more together.”

The Aetherius community has Enlightenment Through Service

“adore is actually an all-permeating fuel, basically above head,” Dr. George King as soon as stated in a sermon. “it will be the great electricity in the cosmos.”

Although George passed on in 1997, his vital information resides on in The Aetherius Society. The will to accomplish good, express really love, and unite humankind pushes the organization forward, and today a fresh generation of spiritual individuals have stepped up to lead the community inside the 21st 100 years.

Through typical sermons, pilgrimages, and other holy undertakings, The Aetherius culture has furthered the spiritual journeys of countless people all over the world. Anyone can get in touch with people in this community in order to find importance with its theories of love, serenity, and recognition.

“It is a cosmic objective, but it’s available to everyone,” Oscar informed united states. “the people, site visitors, and sympathizers show a desire to provide that assist heal society through a higher cosmic comprehension of the market.”

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